Why Outsource Payroll?


Outsourcing your payroll might feel like giving up control of your business. In reality, you are taking control and making the best decision for your business, so it can strive without the added stress that payroll processing can bring.  

Reduce Cost

The fees charged by payroll providers are often lower than the wages of an in-house payroll professional. By outsourcing, you gain an entire payroll team – a luxury that usually only the largest employers can afford. Ensuring your payroll is run by trained professionals will also ensure compliance and avoid risking fines and penalties due to mistakes. 

Save Time 

Outsourcing your payroll will free up valuable time that you can use to get to those tasks that never reach the top of the list or focus on initiatives to grow your business. Payroll bureaus will often have a secure online portal to distribute sensitive employee documentation such as payslips, P60s, or pension letters. This means less time spent by you making sure employees receive their wages or other documentation on time. 


Reputable payroll bureaus will have high-level security and backup systems that ensure data protection is always maintained. Outsourcing also guarantees that employee salary records are held confidentially, reducing the risk of salaries being leaked. Secure online portals enable staff to access all necessary documents securely removing the risk of paper copies being lost. 


Payroll providers have trained experts with experience in a wide range of payrolls and professional memberships for additional support. They also have a variety of checks and data entry systems that all reduce the chance of errors being made. 


With the constantly changing regulations, payroll bureaus make it a priority to guarantee that they comply with the latest legislation. 

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